The Last day?

According to the termination of the lease by Nicolas Berggruen Holdings, which was delivered on September 30th, the move out of the gallery and with it the destruction of the »KioskShop« should have been physically completed today.

On the one hand I am not prepared to let Nicolas Berggruen Holdings jeopardize the existence of my gallery Semjon Contemporary, and on the other hand I will not let »KioskShop« be destroyed. Thus I have decided not to comply with the notice of termination.
The holdings must now obtain the eviction title against me at the court. In other words, the two parties will have to meet in court.
It didn't have to come to that. From November 2020 I asked for an appointment several times to negotiate a new lease. Unfortunately there was not even a response. I don't know why there should be a broken tenancy (cf. radio contribution from December 9.).