xxx-03 – Ellinor Euler

"Intervention XXX-03: Ellinor Euler @ KSb" opens on Friday, April 21, parallel to the main exhibition MK Kaehne – Mutter in the main space of Semjon Contemporary. The show runs until June 3, 2023


The current exhibition by Marlies von Soden will be extended until Februar 25, 2023.

xxx-02 – Marlies von Soden

Intervention X-02 –Marlies von Soden
10.12.2022 – 28.1.2023 (verlängert)

Die Berliner Künstlerin Marlies von Soden verzaubert den »KioskShop« in der dunklen Jahreszeit  mit ihren Lichtskulpturen.
Den Text zur Ausstellung finden Sie here.

xxx-01 – Petra Tödter

Intervention X-01 – Petra Tödter
The series of »Interventions« at KioskShop will continue, even if probably only twice a year for a few weeks. The first will be realized on August 26 by the Berlin artist Petra Toedter.
During the 'first' life of KioskShop there were 33 Intervention exhibitions taking place between 2003 and 2011. The dialog between the space dominating total work of art and the artworks of the intervention guests always develops differently...
August 27 – October 1, 2022; opening: Friday August 26 from 7 – 9.30 pm
Simultaneously the gallery Semjon Contemporary will show the solo exhibition »Drift« by Marc von der Hocht and the group exhibition XXX-03.

Article in Tagesspiegel

In the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel from May 11 an article by Nicolas Kuhn was published. It's about Nicolas Berggruen's relation as an investor regarding Venice and Berlin. Semjon Contemporary is explicitly mentioned.

Article in Berlin Mitte

Yesterday, the online magazine of Berlin Mitte published the article »David against Goliath« by Anna-Lena Wenzel. The author reports on the fight against the cancellation of the gallery space by Nicolas Berggruen Holdings and is at the same time a portrait of the gallery owner and artist Semjon.

closed until April 9

Due to illness, »KioskShop« will unfortunately be closed to the public until Saturday April 9. We will reopen on Tuesday April 12. We apologize for any inconvenience! The current group exhibition "RESET to START" at Semjon Contemporary runs through April 23.

new lease

A great miracle happened!
KioskShop berlin (KSb) »Unendlich« and Semjon Contemporary can stay for another 5 years at Schröderstraße.

The press release from the law firm RAUE in coordination with Nicolas Berggruen Holdings and Semjon Contemporary/ RAUE can be viewed here .


Article in Art Newspaper

In the current February edition of Art Newspaper an article on the termination of the gallery space by the Nicolas Berggruen Holdings is published.


Due to private reason »KioskShop Berlin (KSb)« and Semjon Contemporary will have a break from January 25 until February 15, 2022. »KioskShop« and the current exhibition »benthos borborygmi« by Michael Kutschbach can be seen from the window.

The Last day?

According to the termination of the lease by Nicolas Berggruen Holdings, which was delivered on September 30th, the move out of the gallery and with it the destruction of the »KioskShop« should have been physically completed today.

On the one hand I am not prepared to let Nicolas Berggruen Holdings jeopardize the existence of my gallery Semjon Contemporary, and on the other hand I will not let »KioskShop« be destroyed. Thus I have decided not to comply with the notice of termination.
The holdings must now obtain the eviction title against me at the court. In other words, the two parties will have to meet in court.
It didn't have to come to that. From November 2020 I asked for an appointment several times to negotiate a new lease. Unfortunately there was not even a response. I don't know why there should be a broken tenancy (cf. radio contribution from December 9.).